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In Her Shoes: How Joining an Endow Group Helped Me Find the Joy in the Everyday


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What brought you to Endow?

  • I became more familiar with the mission of Endow when the Archdiocese I live in brought Mallory Smyth to Minneapolis for a women’s retreat. During this “Day with Endow”, Mallory shared with us on the topic of the feminine genius. It was beautiful to see the women at the retreat walk away with a thorough and concrete understanding of what the feminine genius meant, while also being encouraged to pray about how to live this out in their own life. Mallory’s deep faith, outgoing personality, authenticity, and knowledge of the topics we explored gave me a great impression of the mission of Endow and kept me interested in the ministry.

What has changed in your faith since experiencing Endow?

  • Since experiencing Endow on a deeper level, my faith has been stretched in opening myself up more in regards to my spiritual life. So often I keep my spiritual experiences to myself, journaling about them, and if I feel prompted, sharing them with one or two others. What has been a great joy about being part of the group I am in, is how we begin our study, sharing our high and low of the week, as well as our “Jesus” moment, which is where we saw Jesus that week. I have grown in friendship through these sharings, and they hold me accountable to pay attention to the Holy Spirit moments being placed in my life on a daily basis!

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