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Lord Teach Me to Pray When I Am Distracted - Part 1

praying when distracted

Q: I know that prayer is important, but when I sit down to pray I find myself distracted and consumed by my to-do lists and concerns for the future. How can I focus on conversation with Jesus when I catch myself in a whirlwind of thoughts?


First of all, know that you are not alone in feeling distracted! This happens to all of us - often!

I usually begin my prayer time with a simple prayer routine which starts out with entering into silence by focusing my heart and mind on being in the presence of God. This habit can take time to form, but has really helped me get to know God better.This simple act makes me aware of God’s gaze upon me, that the Lord is holding me in His embrace, and sitting with me.

Some days, prayer time can just be simply resting in His loving gaze and remembering that you are a daughter of God. 

Before I explain more about some steps I use to pray with more focus and avoiding distractions, I want to share a reflection which my mom sent to me, and it comes from the devotional book, Jesus Calling. It serves as a great introduction into praying:

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