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Renewing Culture One Woman at a Time: RSVP for Endow's Next Leadership Webinar

Help Us Transform Culture By Embracing Your Crucial Role

Join us for Endow's free Leadership Class: Influencing from the Heart of the Church on July 31st at 12pm MST. RSVP here.

Women play a major part in the healing of our Church and our culture but many of us don't see ourselves as leaders. We, at Endow, not only see women as leaders but we think that our role is so important that we want to help equip you to step into the leadership roles to which God may be calling you.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. The mission and vision of Endow

  2. Tips on how to build a vibrant prayer life

  3. Why small groups are a major key to building real community in the Church

  4. The practicals of building a small group community of women

  5. Tips and Tricks on finding time to lead

Endow has been changing the lives of women around the globe since 2004. Tens of thousands of women have gone through Endow studies. They have met some of their best friends and experienced the truth’s of the Catholic Church in life changing ways. We can’t wait to share with you what we have learned along the way.

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