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Sharpen Your Pencils: Time for Endow's Fall Sale

It is back to school time - there are crayons to be purchased, pencils to be sharpened, and new fall habits to be formed.

Here at Endow, we invite you to go back to "school" too!

As you are planning your fall calendar, put some time for your education on the schedule. Time for your prayer life, time for life-giving friendships, and time for learning. All of these are nurtured by an Endow group.

For the last sixteen years, we have seen what happens when women prioritize their growth and formation by hosting and joining Endow groups: renewed women, uplifted communities, stronger marriages, and deeper friendships. 

Starting August 9th we will be running a special promotion for women to join your groups! We will be offering $10 off anything in our shop from August 9th-30th with the coupon code EndowFall2019. August 30th will be the last day to get the $10 off.

Here's to a fresh start!
The Endow Team 

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Not starting an Endow group now, or just want to buy something nice for a friend, daughter or teacher? Check out our newest item in the shop: Endow Gift Cards! Fall Sale applies to this as well!

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