Catholic Social Teaching Online Study Recordings

Catholic Social Teaching Online Study Recordings

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Nota bene: To access this 8 week online study for free, please click here. We appreciate your $10 donation to support ongoing complimentary webinars.

This webinar may serve as a self-study, accompaniment to your own Endow Group, or as a training for you before you dive into hosting YOUR own group! Click here to purchase Catholic Social Teaching: From Genesis to Rerum Novarum to the 21st century.

Hosted by Teresa Hodgins, an author and writer for Endow, and Annette Bergeon, Executive Director, this panel includes Janeth Chavez, National Coordinator for Magnifica, Laura Zambrana, Director of Content, and Little Sisters of the Poor of Denver, ColoradoThis webinar is in the classic Endow method of reading aloud, answering the discussion questions, and then taking comments and questions from those who attended live.

Join us as we dig into the riches of Catholic Social Teaching! Timeless and timely, Catholic Social Teaching provides a framework for human freedom and happiness rooted in God’s plan for all of humanity. Endow’s Study Guide takes a historical approach to Catholic Social Teaching, beginning with Creation and the Fall, Christ Himself and the Gospels and then takes a close look at the key Magisterial documents and influential figures from the Modern Era.

Through Christ we can again live in right relationship with one another; God, and all creation, as it was meant to be in the beginning. -Claire Fyrqvist