How can our faith help you understand the fullness of sexuality?

Created for Love | High School Freshman Year

Created for Love | High School Freshman Year

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This four part series is meant for freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high school, or can be compiled into an accelerated course within a one year format. The four guides are titled:

  • Created for Love
  • Created for Community
  • Created for Holiness
  • Created for Mission

Through study, group discussion, and group dynamic activities, teens are able to equip themselves with convictions to base their lives on, rooted in faith. Through these studies, coupled with prayer, teens inevitably grow in knowledge and virtue, both of which will help them better love and serve others. Ultimately, the goal of the Created For series is to draw young women into a deeper, more profound relationship with Jesus Christ, God-made-man who is the author of our precious dignity as women. Following is a brief description of the four study guides.

Year 1 | Created For Love

This study explores how every person deserves to be loved, and how true beauty helps us to become closer to God. It explains how being a woman gives us something special to bring to the world, and how the creation of men and women (as different but equal) was planned by God for the good of humanity. The highlighted virtues are joy, self control, respect, honesty, and beauty.