Salvifici Doloris Online Study: Lent 2021

Salvifici Doloris Online Study: Lent 2021

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Join the Endow Team for our first online study of 2021! In an eight week series from February 3 until March 24, on Wednesday mornings from 10-11:15 am Pacific Standard Time, we will be studying John Paul II's Apostolic Letter on the Christian Meaning of Suffering. 

There will be two ways you can participate in this study:

  • Live – If you can join us live on Wednesdays, you will be placed in a virtual Endow small group in one of our breakout rooms moderated by a panelist from the Endow Team!  
  • After hours— If you can not join us live on Wednesdays, you can watch the recording later, going through the Endow Study at your own pace.

Nota bene: When purchasing this study, please select either "Participate Live" or "Watch the Recording Afterwards". Please select "Participate Live" only if you plan on joining us live. There are a limited number of spots for the live online study, so please be intentional about your selection.

Details of the New Format: 

The first part of the meeting will be done in the classic Endow format: reading the chapter out loud and having the panelists answer the discussion questions.

During the second part of the meeting, all participants will be placed into breakout rooms on Zoom.  Each “room” will be moderated by one of the panelists, leading the reading of the chapter facilitating the discussion questions in our small groups.

We are so excited to interact with you more directly and personally in this way!

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