Discovering the Doctors | Hildegard of Bingen & the Doctors of the Church

Discovering the Doctors | Hildegard of Bingen & the Doctors of the Church

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What is a Doctor of the Church? Why does the Church honor them? Who is the latest doctor of Church? In this Endow study, you will discover the Doctors of the Church, the men and women recognized for their contributions to understanding and unpacking the truths of the Faith. Over the past twenty centuries, while the Church has canonized thousands of saints, it’s honored only thirty-seven men and women with the title “Doctor of the Church.” “Doctor” is the rarest of honors, signifying not only brilliance of mind, but also brilliance of soul. In the study, after exploring what it means to be a Doctor of the Church, and introducing you to these extraordinary men and women, we will explore one Doctor in depth: the Church’s newest female Doctor, Saint Hildegard of Bingen. She was a Benedictine nun who was also a prophet, composer, playwright, preacher and gifted healer. She founded two convents, wrote multiple books and provided spiritual counsel to popes, bishops, kings, and queens. She even invented her own language, with its own alphabet! Join us for a unique look at this fascinating saint and female doctor of the Church. This study will challenge you to consider how God is working in your own life and remind you of the inheritance, community and friendship we have in the doctors of the Faith and especially in St. Hildegard.

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