Free Download | Chapter 1 | Created for Mission | High School Book IV

Free Download | Chapter 1 | Created for Mission | High School Book IV

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The goal of the Endow High School Study Series is to draw young women into a deeper, more profound relationship with Jesus Christ, the author of our dignity as women. Through reading aloud, group discussion, and dynamic activities, young women are introduced to their identity as daughters of God and their role in the Church and society. Through these studies, they will grow in knowledge and understanding of the faith, leading to the development of virtue and a more active interior life. 

The fourth installment of our four-part High School Study series reiterates the truth that God has created each human person for a unique purpose. It emphasizes how we can discover God’s plan for us by growing in a relationship with Him and connects the concept of each young woman’s feminine genius to how God is calling her to live it out in our world. Created for Mission introduces the pillars of Catholic Social Teaching and presents the corporal and spiritual works of mercy as a foundation on which women can build their understanding of their own personal vocation. By learning about the lives of Saint Catherine Drexel, Saint Francis of Assisi, and others, young women will learn how to develop a deepened interior life and will naturally begin to contemplate their mission in life even before they leave home for college.

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