Lumen Gentium | Light of the Nations

Lumen Gentium | Light of the Nations

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Lumen Gentium (Light of the Nations) is one of the most foundational texts of The Second Vatican Council. It is also one of our most in-depth and robust studies. Although there are 8 chapters, we recommend 12-20 weeks to complete this study. A quick note for facilitators of this study:

  • There are many discussion questions in this study guide. It is up to the discretion of the facilitator to follow the lead of the women as well as the Holy Spirit in helping steward the questions that are most striking to the group!

The commentary for this study guide was written by Professor Steve Weidenkopf. 

Table of Contents
Chapter One – The Mystery of the Church
Chapter Two – The People of God
Chapter Three – The Structure of the Church
Chapter Four – The Laity
Chapter Five – The Universal Call to Holiness
Chapter Six – The Religious Life
Chapter Seven – The Already and Not Yet
Chapter Eight – Mary, Mother of God

Suggested weeks to complete 8-16 weeks



One of Endow's greatest responsibilities is to safeguard the deposit of faith handed down to us from generations. For that very reason Endow has chosen this document as one of our studies because it addresses the question we currently face: What does the modern church look like? What are we supposed to be to the world in our current culture? This document was written to explain the intent and vision for Vatican II breaking down an understanding of who we are and what we believe. Light of the Nations is the constitution of the Catholic faith in our current time and an essential foundational piece of knowledge every Catholic should intimately be familiar with.

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